What if we told you that...

we are here to support you in providing your services to the community, and we have an automated system that will help you create, maintain, and grow a monthly stream of revenue, at no cost to your organization? Perhaps you might wonder...

How is that possible?
Will it work for us?
What is in it for 'The Project Funder™'?

First, let us tell you our intentions - We wish to be of service, just like you, supporting communities so they may thrive and share in the abundance that is there if we all work together. We all wish to feel useful, to feel that we have a purpose in life, to share our passion. This is ours.... providing a service that we excel at, that is dedicated to creating revenue for all.

The Project Funder™ will provide...

We will provide each non-profit client with a website (or use your current site) with hosting at NO COST TO YOUR ORGANIZATION. This includes: The Project Funder™ proprietary and award winning e-commerce platform, content management system, socially integrated blog, and business sponsor directory software.

WOW!... and it will work for us?

Yes! Each non-profit finds local businesses to sponsor them, the business buys a dedicated web-page on your website, which is found under the business sponsor directory. The business sponsor increases their community awareness and becomes known for their philanthropy and association to your organization.

And What's in it for The Project Funder™?

After creating your new revenue generating website for free, we continue our services to your organization by processing all payments for the business sponsor directory and split equally the revenue received from the sponsoring businesses on a monthly basis. We do not touch any other monies. Any individual or family donors or sales revenue of promotional products is strictly yours. And by the way our system has an excellent shopping cart to heighten your sales.